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Investor Residential

Investor Residential

Investor Residential properties are very similar to Commercial properties in some regards: they have cash-flow and rent/lease income potential. We can help leverage your Residential Investor's real estate, and at very agreeable terms!

We have funding for SFR 1 to 4 units and Mixed-Use properties. If you have an Investor Residential purchase, or need to refinance a current high interest Investor loan, we have serviced and continue to service the needs of Investors.

  • SFR 1 to 4 units
  • Mixed-Use
  • Mobile Homes (with affidavit of affixture)
  • Pre-manufactured Homes
  • Blanket Loans on any combination of property types

The underwriter will require proof that the borrower/owner is not and will not be the primary or secondary resident of any of the properties (except for Mixed-Use and Multi-Family property greater than 4 units). Valuation will be based on appraisal, sales and rent comps, purchase price and condition of the property at time of inspection.