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Commercial Properties

Commercial properties are the "bread and butter" of our "Not So Hard Money" loan program, representing the majority of our current loan portfolio.

The value of Commercial properties, which includes all of the listed types below, is arguably found by analyzing not any one, but all three appraisal valuation methods, regardless of what its current use might be. Thus, a borrower should be aware that sometimes, since the borrower/owner is the user with a purpose, a lending institution will find a value that is closest to a resale price, sometimes higher and sometimes lower than the borrower/owners opinion. Ultimately, to a lender, a property can only have the value that the lender could resell it for, regardless of the possible value it might have right at that moment.

We have funding for Auto Mechanics and Salvage yards, Multi-Use properties, RV Parks, Hotels, Multi-Family Housing, Towing, Charities, Offices, Retail, Industrial, Warehouses, etc. If you have a business, tell us about your requirement and we'll work on options for you! Need operating cash from your real estate equity, and at a very decent rate? That's what we do!

  • Office Buildings
  • Retail Stores
  • Multi-Family
  • Charities
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial
  • Multi-Use
  • Hotels / Motels
  • RV Parks
  • Auto Wrecking / Auto Salvage
  • Auto Mechanics / Auto Body