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We are the exclusive Not So Hard Money® lender, and the oldest private money lender in Arizona! For over 64 years our parent company, American Savings Life Insurance Company has been making Not So Hard Money® loans. We lend in the western states, including Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming.

American Savings Life Insurance Company is the source of funds for Not So Hard Money® loans, making Not So Hard Money®, “Private Money”. American Life Financial is primarily engaged in lending Not So Hard Money®, and those loans are funded, underwritten, and serviced by American Savings Life Insurance Company. Not So Hard Money® loans are not sold on the secondary market.

The advantages of acquiring a “Private Money” loan are many. Private money lenders are not required to rigidly adhere to the guidelines that conforming loans must meet, and so a borrower that can’t conform may still find funding with a private money lender. This doesn’t mean that private money lenders will just lend money to anyone, but rather that the private money lender can listen to the borrower’s side of the story, and possibly look past the bad credit scores, the bankruptcies, the judgments and liens, and foreclosures, and conclude if the borrower is a worthy risk to lend money to or not.

So, when a borrower can’t conform to a standard loan, Not So Hard Money® should be your first thought for alternate funding!

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